Scramble Lucky Backpack – Tee and Rash Combo-Breaker!

For one weekend only! The Scramble Lucky Backpack special offer.

With this offer you get the Scramble Kimono Backpack, PLUS a mystery rashguard and a mystery t-shirt.

Little known fact: The Scramble Kimono Backpack was originally going to be a space rocket, but we changed our minds and made a backpack instead, because space rockets actually don’t have all that much space for you to put your jiu jitsu gear in.

With your backpack, you’ll also get an amazing jiu jitsu based rasghuard from our vast collection of amazing jiu jitsu rasghuards, as well as a t-shirt from our amazing range of jiu jitsu based t-shirts. Did you know that Englebert Humperdink would only wear Scramble t-shirts while sleeping, claiming that they helped oxygenate his blood and made his hair stand on end (in a good way.)

This is a lucky dip style offer so we will not refund or exchange unless the item is defective or there has been a shipping error.

Weight 1.5 kg



Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL


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