Scramble “Standard Issue – Semi Custom” BJJ Gi – Blue

New Standard Issue – Semi Custom for 2018 / 2019.

Comp Blue

Comes with eight patches that you can attach to your gi wherever you want.

Or, leave it blank and let your jiu jitsu speak for itself.

Midweight twill cotton pants and pearl weave top.

Weight N/A

Blue, White




100% Cotton


A0, A1, A1L, A2, A2L, A3, A3L, A4

1 review for Scramble “Standard Issue – Semi Custom” BJJ Gi – Blue

  1. johnpaulgsanchez

    As a beginner in any hobby or sport, I like to adhere to the old adage of ‘buy once, cry once’ and am more than willing to invest in quality materials despite the cost…

    But then I realize that I’m a broke college student with little source of steady income besides a menial minimum wage job.

    And then there was Scramble, who realized that there’s a plethora of beginners who want to make the same long term investment into a gi as they do learning jiu-jitsu, without hemorrhaging their bank accounts.

    I’m close to four months of use now with two of these gi’s, attending class 3-5 times a week and washing them after every session. They’re comfortable and way more durable than my joints and connective tissues. The fit is perfect and the gi actually makes me look good, as good as ugly can get. As a beginner, it’s nice having a piece of quality gear without looking like ‘the noob who dropped $200 on one gi to look super cool and then put away after a month of classes’. In fact, I’ve actually received compliments on how standard they look without an ass load of branding. As a fellow classmate said, ‘it’s nice wearing a gi without looking like a billboard.’ As I continue my journey with the sport, I look forward to maybe investing in a more badass gi.
    Today: Standard Issue. Tomorrow: Athlete 4 550+ 😉
    But until then, I’ll continue to get my ass handed to me and learn, grow, and love the sport in the Scramble Standard Issue, and I’ll look good doing it.

    The Standard Issue Gi:

    For beginners who want a gi that reflects their skill level.

    Or for those devious sleepers who are a Dodge Caravan on the outside, but have bored out HEMI V8 with 500HP and 35 PSI of boost on the inside.
    AKA those who

    ‘let their jiu jitsu speak for itself’

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