Scramble Vagabond Scarf / Mask

This is a multifunction tube scarf that will probably be most at home when being used as a vagabond style mask. Made from lightweight polyester, the mask comfortably sits around the ears, nose and mouth, covering those faceholes and giving you peace of mind when out and about. Recent government guidelines suggest using face-coverings (of any kind) when in public or in crowded areas.

We recommend using them any time you want to convey to passersby that not only are you health-conscious, you’re also on the cutting edge of fashion: a bit partial to some nice camo, and you are a little bit dangerous too, but still sensitive and open to new things. A Scramble vagabond mask is for life, not just for short-term government-enforced face-covering times.

Weight 0.2 kg

Brown, Green, White, Yellow


100% Polyester


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