Scramble Rainbow Spats

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You asked for them... we made them! 

We bring to you the Scramble RAINBOW SPATS! We apologise if your face just melted and your brain dribbled out of your ears at the awesomeness that just happened. I'm having a seizure just writingthisshdhkf.

Not just an ego aid for the flamboyant, the Scramble Rainbow Spats boast thick material for comfort and durability, and offers some compression support to those pins of yours. They also rock an enclosed waistband and drawstring to prevent any embarassing crotch related incidents. We'll save you the rest of the tech babble, you're looking at them so you're blatantly going to want to rock a pair of these badboys now.


If you've never worn a pair of our spats, this is what you can look forward to. 
  • Warmth and comfort, either worn on their own, under MMA shorts, or under a gi
  • Protection for your knees when sparring MMA / no gi - hold off the aches and pains of repeated double legs and kneeling on people's faces
  • Possible protection against mat-borne diseases - well, there's more to cover your precious skin with, but don't quote us on that, we are not Scientologists
  • The approval of Japanese MMA fighter and spats-wearing submission wizard Shinya Aoki
In 2010, Scramble made it OK for thousands of fighters around the world to wear tights. Not even just OK - we made it the done thing. Now, you won't just be wearing tights - you'll be rocking rainbow spats. 
Total complete double rainbows!
You think anyone wants an omoplata to the face while you're wearing these bad boys? Forget about it!